3 Ways To Safely Store Your Watches

Even if you are new to the watch collecting arena or you only have one or a few pieces, you still need to know how to properly store your watch. Whether it is an ordinary or a luxury watch, there are safe ways to keep them.

Luxury watches in particular require more of your tender care and attention. Beautiful watches are not only a great investment but for most people, they are sentimental. Some people buy one to commemorate their milestones and achievements in life, while some buy one to add sophistication to their ensembles. 

If you want your piece to stay for a very long time and thinking about passing it on to the next generation, here are sure-fire tips to take better care of your watch collection.

Storing them properly will not only make your watch look new but will also keep it in tip-top condition. Enjoy your timepiece for a very long time with these tips. It may sound like a simple process, but it requires your attention to avoid fatal consequences for your prized collection.

Ways to Store Your Watch

Before we jump right into the top three tips on how to properly and safely store your watch, let us discuss first the importance of cleaning your watch before you do. The very first essential step is to clean your watch first before you store it away.

When watches are worn, they are exposed to a heap of elements that can result in discoloration, scratches, corrosion, and so on. The elements include residues from sebum, soap, creams, dust, and other tiny particles that can even affect the performance of the watch.

Cleaning your watch has many benefits. It includes the prevention of damages on the various sealants, finishing look, accompanying bracelet, and gaskets. 

  1. Deal with temperature to prevent moisture. 

Moisture is the number one enemy of watches. There may be a lot of storage box options out there but you still need to consider the temperature. Ideally, luxury watches must be stored in temperature-controlled settings like safe deposit boxes. However, regardless of where you put your watch, moisture can still infiltrate the scene at any point in time, especially on cold days. Condensation is a big problem as it can coagulate the watch oils and eventually affect the lubricating properties.

One of the best ways to combat the nuisance of moisture, we suggest the use silica gel. Put it inside the storage box along with the watch. The best part is, you don’t need to buy one. All electronic devices come with desiccant gel packets in their package and you can use these to prevent the enemy moisture from attacking your timepiece.

They usually are blue and when the moisture builds up, the desiccant gel will turn white or pink which indicates that they have to be replaced.

  1. Away from light.

After cleaning your watch and determining the proper box to use for storage, you now need to consider the location. We would also like to remind you that each timepiece must have a separate storage box. 

Find a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight or heat. UV radiation can cause the dial and the applications to fade and detach. These issues can lead to incredibly complicated repairs.

Dry and cooler-than-room-temperature locations are ideal. You also have to make sure that the environment is dust-free. 

Another important tip is to keep your watch away from any magnetic fields like computers. Most modern watches can be demagnetized without causing too much trouble to the engineering of the watch but why risk it? You have to consider this, especially on your priced vintage mechanical watches. This may cause accuracy issues.

  1. Store it securely.

Storing away your luxury watches is not only about keeping them squeaky clean and dust or moisture-free but is also about robbery, theft, or fire. Do you usually just store it in your bedside drawer? If your collection is for investment purposes, we suggest you go with high-quality safes. Small safes that are not inexpensive would not be able to withstand two minutes of brute force.

Luxury watches are prone to theft given their significant value. Keep them in unusual places with all the essential storage tips considered. These are ideal for extremely rare and high-priced pieces.

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