5 Incredible Style Tips When Wearing a Watch

Elevate Your Look

Wearing a watch is more than about its time-telling purpose—it can also impact your look. Sometimes, it’s even the first thing people notice about you. So if you want to create a better first impression on others, it’s best to know how to wear your watch with impeccable style. 

Wear the right watch for the occasion.

The first thing to remember is to wear the right watch for the occasion. Going to a wedding or formal event where you have to don a tux? Keep it simple and classy with a dress watch. It also looks great with slightly less formal clothes like an Oxford shirt & a blazer. If the event has a more relaxed dress code, like a beach party, wearing your go-to dive watch will suffice. 

Don’t wear a sports watch or smartwatch with a suit—they just don’t fit. Such timepieces are best worn when working out or sporting athleisure outfits. Smartwatch—because of its material & lack of simplicity—also lacks the elegance you need for dressing up for events.

Got a new statement watch? If you’re bold enough to experiment and break some fashion rules, you can wear a statement watch with a tuxedo or during a more casual setting. 

Choose an appropriate watch size.

Traditionally, men’s watches started at 36mm and stopped at around 42mm. Many brands, however, went beyond the limit and started offering watches over 44mm and even 50mm. While there’s no harm in wearing big timepieces, you should be more mindful of size if you want to elevate your fashion game. That’s especially true if you’re going out in formal attire that includes a shirt & cufflinks that make it hard to hide bulky watches under the cuffs. 

Measure your wrist to find your perfect watch size. If it measures six to seven inches, go for small to medium watches (38mm to 42mm). Otherwise, you can explore the larger pieces (44mm or 46mm) and see if they look better on your wrist than those in traditional sizes.  

Match the watch strap with other pieces.

Can’t decide which leather strap to wear? Look at the other leather pieces you’re wearing. If you have black leather shoes and a belt, it’s safe to choose a black leather strap for your timepiece. You can’t go wrong with that combination. But if you’re confident to experiment with your fashion choices, try complementing colors. For example, a maroon leather strap blends well with black leather shoes. 

The same goes for metal watch straps. If your watch comes with a silver oyster strap, pick a tie clip, bracelet, or cufflinks in the same color. You’ll look more put together. 

Ensure the watch fits perfectly.

When it comes to fashion, fit matters the most. Even if you have a luxury watch or the most stylish watch for men, it won’t look good on you if it doesn’t fit your wrist perfectly. So make sure to adjust your watch’s strap. Here’s a rule of thumb: it shouldn’t slide more than an inch up or down when you move your arm. Follow that, and you’ll easily look more polished!

Besides elevating your fashion game, a good fit can help prevent damage to a watch. If the bracelet or strap is too loose, it can cause a lot of wear. And if it’s too loose, you might swing the watch around, and it may hit the door or table. It might get scratched or, worse, broken.

Don’t wear knock-offs.

While you can save money with knock-offs, wearing them can damage your reputation. No one wants to do business with a person trying to pass off a fake as a real thing. It’s better to look for more affordable options. Today, many brands offer watches with style & character. 

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Wrapping up

When you choose the right watch, you can elevate a simple suit. You can easily impress others and not repel them by taking their attention to a knock-off or loose watch strap. So the next time you need to dress up and stand out, remember the tips we shared above.

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