Best 12 Types of Watches

A watch is more than just a time-telling accessory. It is a great avenue for you to show your personality, your style, and make a statement. The sophistication, elegance, and suave of a watch complete any ensemble. It basically does the talking on your behalf.

With so many different types of watches available in the market today, choosing the perfect one for you might be a bit overwhelming. If you are on the verge of buying your first watch or want to begin collecting, you need to know how to categorize them.

In this blog, we are going to explore the 12 different types of watches to equip you with the right knowledge that you need before you purchase one.

  • Analog Watch

  • The analog watch is the most traditional of them all. It displays the time using hour and minute hands that also produce a classic ticking sound. Basically, it has the analog watch movement which can either be quartz or mechanical. 

    It features a traditional clock face with a date window at times. It is simple and straightforward in time-telling. More often, many people prefer to use this type of watch for formal events. 

  • Digital Watch

  • Digital watches are everywhere nowadays. The time is displayed on the LCD screen in numerical digits along with other information and typically has a quartz movement that powers it. Compared to the simplicity of analog watches, digital watches are even more straightforward. 

  • Automatic Watch

  • One of the most sought-after watches is an automatic watch, also known as a self-winding watch. It offers great convenience because it doesn’t need winding when worn daily and it has an impressive mechanism. It stores energy using its rotor that spins when the arm is moved. The energy stored is used to keep the watch going even if the watch isn’t worn. 

    This Automatic Luxury Sapphire Watch will surely add a sporting edge to your style while getting all the benefits of an automatic movement.

  • Chronograph Watch

  • To put it simply, a chronograph watch is also called a stopwatch. It is a watch that has a start-stop button and a reset function and they are essentially used for many sporting events. 

  • Diving Watch

  • It is easy to tell that this type of watch is used for deep-sea diving and underwater activities. Diving watches are of course popular for professional divers and other sporty collectors. They feature excellent legibility, accuracy, durability, and impressive water resistance. 

    It came to light when some divers in the 50s could not get a reliable watch to bring with them underwater. 

  • Mechanical Watch

  • This age-old traditional type of watch features a mechanical movement. In other words, it is composed of the mainspring, the escapement, and the resonator which work through the kinetic energy stored in the barrel. It is proven to be immune to obsolescence because of its quality, durability, and reliability in terms of time-telling and style.

  • Quartz Watch

  • The quartz watch on the other hand is powered by an electronic oscillator synchronized by a quartz crystal which pulsates with precision. They need battery replacement from time to time, but the level of accuracy and durability is highly impressive.

    This Luxury Sports Leather Quartz Watch for Men is a cool finishing touch to any outfit.

  • Dress Watch

  • If you want a minimalistic, simple, yet elegant look, going for a dress watch is an ideal option. It is not complicated, timeless in style, subtle, and charming. It is preferably matched with a business suit, tuxedo, and other formal attires.

  • Pilot Watch

  • Specifically designed to aid pilots, this type of watch features a large dial with a luminous watch face for easier and better time reading. They are prominent and have dual time and GMT functions for both local and destination time tracking. Those who frequently travel also prefer this type of watch.

  •  Field Watch

  • Field watches are basically military watches. They are rugged, reliable, and robust. This type of watch is perfect for those who are always in the field or are into extreme outdoor adventures. 

    This Military LED Electronic Sport Digital Watch for Men is perfect for rocking both formal and casual looks.

  • Smart Watch

  • This is the newest type of watch and just like your smartphones, they also feature touchscreens, support apps, and even record or check your vital signs. It is very convenient to use and the technology in this watch is remarkable.

    For women, this gorgeously designed Fitness Tracker Smart Watch is an absolute must-have!

  • Luxury Watch

  • On top of it all, a luxury watch has the highest standard of all watch types. They cost more, but they are worth collecting. Many luxury watch designs are limited and they hold their value pretty well. If you want to instantly make a statement, wear this Luxury Automatic Sports Wristwatch specifically designed for the modern man.

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