6 Tips on How to Choose a Watch

With all the available watches in the market today, choosing the right one can be a grueling task. Too many designs, too many styles, and too many brands to choose from. Whether it is for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or for personal reasons, finding the best watch doesn’t have to be a difficult feat. 

In this blog, we are going to give you six sure-fire and fool-proof tips on how you can find the perfect watch that suits your needs.

  • Consider the Movement

  • There are different types of watches that you can choose from and this alone can already take up a lot of time when you do your own research. You can check out our blog about the Best 12 Types of Watches as your complete guide.

    It is important to consider the movements because these inner mechanisms produce specific effects on time-keeping.

    Basically, a watch’s movement is the heart of the watch. It comes in three types: automatic, mechanical, and quartz.

    A mechanical watch is the most traditional movement powered by a mainspring and is wound by hand. The attention to detail and craftsmanship of this type of movement is intricate and remarkable. No batteries are needed for mechanical watches.

    Automatic watches on the other hand are self-winding and pretty much just like mechanical watches. It has a rotor that moves throughout the day as the wrist moves and is also connected to the mainspring. It stores energy and uses that energy to power up the watch. No batteries are needed and you no longer need to wind it by hand. It has a smooth movement and just like mechanical watches, they are also made with intricate details.

    Quartz is different from the other two aforementioned. It is powered by a small battery and you have to replace them after quite some time. Because of its movement, it features a distinctive tick-tick-tick movement sound due to its use of electric pulses to move the second hand. Many people still opt to go for a quartz watch because it requires less maintenance, is more durable, is more affordable, and is by far the most accurate of all the movement types.

    Luxury Quartz Luminous Multifunction Watch has everything you need in terms of quality, functionality, movement, and style.

  • Consider the Materials

  • One of the most important things to consider when choosing a watch is the materials. Is it sturdy enough? It is comfortable? Will it stand the test of time?

    A quality watch is at least made of stainless steel, but titanium or ceramic watch casings are harder and better. Stainless steel cannot be affected by moisture or perspiration and doesn’t cause skin irritation.

    You also need to check the quality of the watch glass. The best ones have sapphire glasses which are highly scratch-resistant. 

    Check out the band or bracelet materials too. Are you more comfortable with leather, plastic, rubber, stainless steel, or fabric?

  • Consider the Design or the Style

  • Find a watch that suits your style and depicts your personality well. You also must ensure that you are comfortable with the design. 

    Most of the time, watch buyers like to get their hands on watches that can be used for all occasions, but there are specific designs for different events. Decide where you want to use it and from there, you can find the best watch design.

    For everyday use, this Limited Edition Ultra-Thin Leather Quartz Watch for Men is a great addition to your ensemble. If you need a watch for formal occasions, you can instantly make a statement with this Luxury Automatic Sports Wristwatch that has an elegant finish. But, if you are looking for an all-around watch that you can use for all occasions, this Luxury Multifunction Sports Watch is a perfect choice.

  •  Consider the Features

  • Some other features to consider aside from movement and design are water resistance, the case and the strap, the brand name, the chronometer rating, the jewels or the gemstones, reflective coating, power reserve, the crowns, the dial face, and of course, where it was made from. 

  •  Consider the Watch Complications

  • While the main purpose of a wristwatch is for time-reading, some watches feature watch complications. They are not negative features. They are only called as such because they are extras that include a compass, date display, a stopwatch (a.ka. chronograph) that has a start and stop button.

    Check out this brilliantly-designed Luxury Sports Leather Quartz Watch with impressive watch complications. 

  •  Consider Your Budget

  • Some watches are affordable, while some watches are pricey. You have to consider your money’s worth. Consider your budget before buying so you can find the right timepiece that fits your needs and your personal style.

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