The Future of Wearables: Predicting the Next Generation of Digital Watches

For several years now, we are already reaping the benefits of wearable technology and it is safe to say that the devices we have today truly helped and are helping us in so many ways. From monitoring our physical health and vitals to improving our daily activities, wearables take the center stage.

Since the advent of ingenious Bluetooth technology during the early 2000s, digital watches evolved rapidly and the additional functionalities and features are getting more and more impressive by the day. Digital watches are not just the wearables that we know today. We now have smart glasses, rings, sneakers, clothing, implants, jewelry, and so on.

Many believe, including the big players in the wearables industry, that the future can be shaped through continuous innovation. What we create today becomes the future. It is remarkable to see that smartwatches became even more sophisticated after the pandemic which made all of us pay extra attention to our health and fitness. The wearable also served all of us in our work and studies when everything was done virtually. 

Wearable technology is indeed a great help for each of us in this era. In this blog, we are going to discuss what might be the future of wearables in the next generation of digital watches and what benefits are we going to get out of them. Will it be just the same, with a little improvement, or a huge leap?

Market Growth

Let us first take a look at the market projection of digital watches. In the recent MarketWatch analysis, the digital watch industry is predicted to reach multimillion USD by 2029 which is a clear indication of its competitive advantage over the coming years.

It is driven by the increased demand for wearable devices and we can only expect to see more new features and technologies to be integrated into digital watches.

Biomarker Sensors 

The industry that will benefit the most in the future of wearables is the health industry. In 2022, there were hundreds of millions of wearable gadgets shipped to consumers that allowed them to monitor their health in the comfort of their homes.

This trend will continue in the coming years but we are surely going to see improvements in the specifications and features of the devices. As it remains a great biomarker monitor, digital watchmakers are already into advanced biomarker sensors which will eliminate the need for invasive blood glucose monitoring. 

Essential to those with diabetes, glucose monitoring without the need to prick a finger and draw blood will also benefit each and every one of us. Glucose awareness is extremely vital to understand one’s overall health and not just monitoring diabetes.

We also get to learn about high glycemic index foods and take charge of controlling our diet with the help of this next-gen feature. Imagine the incredible advantage we can all get from these improvements. It is a big deal that we can use technology as a close partner to take the right preventative steps for our health.

Renewable Energy Sources

It is no secret that wearable technology has remarkably revolutionized the way we interact with people and take care of our health. Aside from that, we can expect to see that the biggest players in the wearable industry will soon be tapping into renewable energy sources where one can charge only using solar energy and even body heat.

Imagine your watch with an unlimited battery as long as you are wearing it. The warmth of your body charges your device and this feature prediction is going to be extremely helpful not just for us humans but for our nature as well.

With all the problems Mother Earth is facing, we truly want this to happen - a wearable digital watch that seamlessly integrates renewable energy sources for more sustainable and practical use.

Alerts, NFTs, Brainwave Patterns

Some of the things that digital watches can provide in the next several years would be convenient alerts in remote patient care, brain wave pattern recognition to operate devices without the use of physical intervention which can greatly benefit disabled people, and even embedded nonfungible tokens which will advance identification in the digital space.

These are just some of our predictions but we know for sure that we are going to see more in the future. For now, let us enjoy the incredible benefits of smartwatches and their ability to change the way we take care of our health and of those we love.

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