The Importance of Water Resistance in Watches

More than just an accessory and time-telling piece, a wristwatch provides us with an enormous list of benefits including accountability, efficiency, investment advantage, tracking, elevated style, and so on. 

When it comes to watches that are water-resistant, a lot of beginner collectors barely have a full grasp of what this feature really means. Ergo, in this blog, we will be giving you a comprehensive guide to better understand the roundabouts of water resistance ratings and their importance.

Let us break it down first.

The Difference Between Water-Resistant Watches and Waterproof Watches

Many watch buyers tend to overlook this area. Waterproof watches and water-resistant watches differ from each other. They are two different things. It is among the biggest confusions in the watch community.

Taking a step back, watchmakers considered and reserved watch models that are water-resistant for divers during the 1960s and until now they continue to improve this technology to endure the adventurous demands of deep-sea diving.

Although the community often uses the word “waterproof”, it does not mean that the watch has the capability to stand deeper underwater pressure. They vary from resistance degree. To put it simply, waterproof watches have relatively low degree resistance which often means that it only has some moisture or humidity protection. Meanwhile, water-resistant watches are safe to introduce to dynamic pressures of water and these are the type of watches perfect for diving. 

Why is water resistance important in watches? 

On top of the list would be the freedom to enjoy dipping in the ocean or the pool without the need to worry about your timepiece getting drenched. Water-resistance feature is perfect for people who are active, especially divers.

Today, you may notice that several luxury watch models are no longer regarded simply as “waterproof” but most of them already possess varying degrees of water resistance. Some say 10-bar which is equivalent to 330 feet or 100 meters. They are capable of withstanding any form of submersion within their bar limit. 

Some watches offer deeper degrees such as 600-meter to 1000-meter bars. These are usually for pro divers. 

Whether you love kayaking, snorkeling, boating, or fishing, water-resistant watches are going to offer you more benefits than just a waterproof watch.

Benefits of Waterproof Watches

Safekeeping. One of the most loved benefits of waterproof watches is safekeeping your watch from water or moisture penetration which can damage the insides of your gear. Sometimes, there will be water mishaps and many wearers can attest that wearing a non-water-resistant watch means they need to throw it away when they accidentally submerged under water or if a sudden downpour caught them off-guard. The watch will malfunction and stop working altogether.

Durability and resilience. As much as water-resistant watches can safekeep the exquisite engineering and inside parts of your timepiece from water and moisture, they can also endure other harsh external elements such as chemicals, dust, and more. They are usually made from the finest, high-grade materials making them extra durable and long-lasting.

Function and sophistication. 

Beyond durability, practicality, and safekeeping, water-resistant watches can also offer versatility and sophistication to your wardrobe. There is a big pool of designs and models you can choose from and there will surely be one that fits your taste and style. 

Most luxury water-resistant watches are sleek and timeless in design and you can easily dress them up or down as well. Imagine a powerful watch that you can bring wherever you go. 

In a nutshell, the benefits of water-resistant watches outweigh those of other types of watches. 

Here is a little guide to different resistance degrees.

30-meter bar means it can protect your watch only from some splashing. 50 meters mean you can dip in a pool or swim in the ocean only for a short period of time. 100 meters mean you can take the watch until a hundred meter deep which is perfect for snorkeling and these watches can also be worn underwater for a prolonged period of time. Over 200-meter bars allow you to dive with the watch.

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