Watches & Fashion: How to Match Your Timepiece With Your Outfit

It is never new knowledge how much fashion and watches walk hand in hand to take our ensembles to the next level. Wristwatches are like a cherry on top or a defining accessory that will complete your overall look. We are obviously past the discussion that timepieces are merely for telling the time. We all know now that they are more than that.

In this blog, we will explore practical and surefire ways to take advantage of a watch to elevate and rock any outfit for any occasion. 

While there may be differences in terms of preferences, there are fundamental rules that you must know in order to find the perfect complement. Let’s list down some questions to serve as your guide.

#1 - Is it a black-tie event?

First on the list - type of event. Along with knowing what type of event you are going to, you get to learn about how you should dress up for the gathering. The very first rule that you must not overlook is the dress code. 

If you are going to a black-tie event - which means a formal one - then you have to ensure that your watch is not all colorful and rugged, but must be sophisticated, minimalist, sharp-looking, and absolutely appropriate for your coat and tie or that lovely formal black dress.

Many watch aficionados and fashion-forward people go for classy, elegant, and uncomplicated dress watches. A black leather band is a perfect complement to a black tie.

#2 - Do you think you’d be comfortable?

Another question you need to ask yourself when trying to find the perfect watch for your outfit is your comfort. Never settle for a watch that you or someone else love (just because) even if it won’t really be comfortable on your end. 

One great example of this is when you wear a formal watch on an outdoor adventure. It is a big no-no. Will it serve its purpose? Absolutely no. Will it make you feel at ease to move around? You know the answer to that.

Make sure that the watch you are wearing can also match your activities. If you will be traveling by plane for business or leisure, then a chronological watch would fit perfectly. If you are going on a lunch date with your friends which often requires only casual attire like a combination of jeans, shirt, or sneakers, then you can top them off with almost any watch design because truth be told, it is during casual events that we can give more emphasis to our personal styles. 

#3 - Is that your color preference?

Do you have a color preference? We all do. However, when you are not quite sure if your personal favorite color will match your outfit and the event, then always go for black or neutral colors. 

This is the part where we want you to also focus on your personal preference. Keep in mind that wearing watches should not turn into something like a requirement. It should still lean on the side of having the chance to explore, express, and freely create the vibe that you like. 

Yellow, red, blue, or purple? You can mix and match them. Whatever color you love, there should be no stopping your creativity. 

Even if you are in a formal event and you preferred to wear a green dress, you can simply match that with a green dial watch. Colors will only throw you off if you don’t know how to use them wisely, ergo, if you need expert assistance, help, or advice, never hesitate to ask those around you.

#4 - Do you know your style?

It is never too late to take an inward approach to learning what your personal style really is. No matter the type of event you are attending, if you know exactly what your style is, you will find it easier to match a watch to any outfit for any season and occasion. 

Take control of your personal style. Get to know what will give your more confidence as you head out the door. You get the last say. All the time.

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