Watches for All Ages: Stylish Timepieces for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Anyone can wear a watch now unlike in the olden days. Remember when pocket watches were the only available watch accessory and they could only used by men? Gladly, we are already way past that. 

Watches are not for everyone: kids, teens, adults. Literally, everyone! They are not just a time-telling device but they can mean so much for someone. One example is a graduation gift from parents. Receiving an heirloom watch to commemorate your milestone from the people who raised and guided you all the way through is something immeasurable. There is so much story in that heirloom timepiece. This is exactly the reason we love watches more than their main purpose because we can now wear stories and heritage right on our wrists. 

Each one is weaving a tale of individuality. From the playful innocence of childhood to the trendsetting teenage years going all the way to the timeless sophistication of adulthood, there will always be a perfect timepiece for every life chapter.

Little Ones (Ages 5 - 12)

Introducing wristwatches to our little ones can be a very memorable moment for both the parents and the child. This is how they learn to read time and understand how important it is while we nurture their sense of wonder. More than a functional accessory, these kid watches can also spark their curiosity.

  • Choose vibrant colors

  • For kids, it doesn’t matter what material the watch is made of or what engineering or artisanship the timepiece has gone through. Do you know what matters to them? Colors and beloved characters! So, make sure that your little one is getting those features and it is best if you also allow them to choose. Vibrant watches will allow your child to add a splash of colors to their everyday outfits and feel good about themselves.

  • Consider the materials
  • Just as we mentioned above, materials may not matter for these kids, but for us parents, we should know better. Since little ones are always on the move, we should opt for durable materials like rubber or silicone. They are resistant to scratch, water, moisture, and shock, and are built to withstand the adventures of childhood. Plus, they are hypoallergenic too.

  • Check the features

  • Do they have educational features that your kids can enjoy? You might want to consider these too when buying a wristwatch for your child.

    Teenagers (Ages 13-19)

    They say that the teenage years are a time of self-discovery and bold statements. It is true. If you are a teen or a mom of a teen looking for that perfect watch, we are glad to let you know that there are a variety of options for you to explore. Many teenagers nowadays prefer techy watches and that includes digital and smartwatches. 

    They’d choose at any point in time the chance to wear a gadget with connectivity. The tech-savvy allure of smartwatches will seamlessly win if there’s ever a choice competition. Seriously though, who says popping notifications on your wristwatch isn’t trendy? 

    Depending on the teenager’s personality, they may choose nato straps, rubber or silicone straps, or a sporty dial. 

    More often than not, they already like a bit of sophistication at this age range so some of them may choose minimalist designs too.

    Young Adults & Adults (Ages 20 - Above)

    This is the time of maturity and that can even resonate with their watch choices at this age. Most men and women 20 and above would lean on the practical side of things. Therefore, a style already meets substance this time. Watches became more meaningful. The value of time has more depth. 

    Adulthood - we hustle and enjoy the glory of our achievements and a watch can be a perfect storyteller of our journey. 

    Many adults choose dress watches, smartwatches, sports watches, diving watches, and luxury watches are this point. It can either be for business meetings, outdoor adventures, or other recreational activities or even for collecting a luxury watch as an heirloom that they can pass down to another generation.

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