Why You Shouldn’t Wear Your Watch in the Shower

One of the most asked questions among watch owners and enthusiasts is whether to bring or wear their watch in the shower.

There can be different reasons to want to bring them in the shower. Perhaps, you’d like to test the limits of your watch because it has a waterproof feature, or you simply just don’t want to take it off while taking a bath.

Given the critical importance to keep our hands clean at all times, it is only natural to want to keep your wristwatches clean as well, especially since they are within the proximity of our hands.

However, there are proper ways to clean your watch and it is not while you are in the shower. Whatever your reason may be, we’d like to give you a comprehensive answer as to why you should never bring or wear your watch with you as you take a shower bath.

Exposure to hot water and other chemicals.

When a watch is constantly exposed to soap, shampoo, hot water, and other beauty products, the rubber gaskets that keep your watch’s water resistance can degrade over time. It will require frequent watch services if your watch’s ability to keep water at bay is compromised.

Waterproof dive watches can also be damaged in the shower.

Over time, you will witness that the metal parts of your watch that used to be shiny will turn dull and lifeless if you keep wearing them while taking a bath. It can be tarnished, and worse, weaken the seal.

Watches are not designed to withstand warm or hot water. Your dive watch may be water-resistant, but not against moisture, air, or gas. When your watch cools down after the shower, moist air will then get sucked into the case which can badly lead to the deterioration of its movement. Even for dive watches, this could happen.

If you shower with your watch on repeatedly, that moisture will oxidize and accelerate the breakdown of the oils that keep your watch moving. You don’t want that to happen.

For busy people who use Men’s Luxury Automatic Sports Wristwatch with 10-bar water resistance for their everyday business affiliations, it might be tempting not to remove it for a quick hot shower after a long day. However, it should never be the case.

Always make time to remove your jewelry, especially watches, when you go in the shower to avoid unwanted moisture or air from damaging the inside mechanism.

What about a steam room, sauna, or hot tub jets? Same rule. 

Watch strap damage

While some straps can handle water just fine like metal straps, nylon-made NATO straps, and rubber straps, your leather band will find it hard to survive water exposure. Leather is not intended to be submerged in water. 

If you own this Men’s Multifunction Waterproof Luminous Chronograph Wristwatch with a leather bracelet, it is highly advisable to keep it away from water and other liquid properties.

Leather is incredibly porous and isn’t completely waterproof. Plus, if you wet them, it will take a long before it dries out.

To avoid damaging your straps, do not bring them in the shower. It will only take a few seconds to remove your watch. Make it a habit if you want to keep your watch in tip-top shape.

What if I accidentally showered with my watch on?

Here are some tips if you accidentally showered with your watch on.

  • While your first instinct might be to put it inside a bag of rice like what we usually do to our soaking wet phones or other electronic devices, do not do this.
  • Never shake the watch to drain the water. GIve it a clean-up by gently wiping it with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth.
  • Never use compressed air like a blow-dryer or any heat gun as it will only add further damage.
  • The cue that your watch’s water resistance has failed is when you see droplets of water or dew on the inside of the dial. This can be a real problem because it can make the metal elements get rusty which can lead to the breakdown of the movement. If this happens, immediately visit your watch service provider and let the experts do their thing.
  • It is always best to seek professional care. Do not open the watch by yourself or even Youtube some tutorials. 

Your watch is a beautiful piece of art and we are sure it means something to you. The best way to keep it in its best shape and protect it from any damage is to remove it before you take a shower, dip in a hot tub, or swim in the pool.

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