Women’s Watch Trends for 2022

Watch trends come and go. For serious watch collectors who are also fashion-forward people, it is important to stay updated in terms of the yearly trends. Not to mention, collecting watches is no longer a man’s domain.

More and more women are starting to collect their timepieces that they mostly use to match their beautiful garments, accessories, and outfits. Many watch aficionado women are looking after functionality and style whether they will be used for fashion purposes, for particular activities, or as an heirloom treasure.

The watch trend last year presented us with an amazing list of timepieces that are either nostalgic or contemporary. Some watches were relatively new, some designs from several decades ago have resurfaced, and some styles are just pure timeless that they don’t go out of vogue at all. 

Nevertheless, it is our duty in the world of fashion and horology to find something interesting to fawn over every year. With that, we have listed down some of the best women’s watch trends to enjoy this new year.


This is on top of the list because many vintage and retro-style watches never go out of style. It is so close to the fact that even the 90’s fashion is now becoming popular to the Gen-Z youth. In the watchmaking industry, vintage timepieces will always be a big deal. 

The iconic models from the past are reinterpreted with a twist of contemporary features and upgrades. 


What makes a particular fashion or timepiece last for long, if not a lifetime, is its simplicity. When the design is uncomplicated, it gives off an aura that speaks of timelessness. Just like looking at a white shirt and jeans. It is not complex, it is easy to look at, it is light and calming, and looks more elegant.

Many women prefer minimalistic watches. However, they are far from being plain. With refined detailing, these watches stand out and they are so easy to mix and match with any outfit. Formal or casual, they can carry your ensemble perfectly well.

Made with exquisite and intrinsic craftsmanship leaning on pure sophistication, this Japan Quartz Stainless Steel Watch for Women is one of the most-loved pieces in our arsenal and it is so easy to know why.

It has a smooth bezel, a minimalist round dial, and a delicate mesh strap that goes well with any outfit and occasion. 

Leather Wrist Watch

For women who are not quite a fan of stainless steel or rubber bracelets, we are happy to tell you that this year, leather bracelets are under the spotlight as well!

In the ladies' watch section, it doesn’t always have to be all shiny, sparkly, and shimmering. Fashion may fade, but style is eternal and in leather watches, we can only expect it to last forever.

Opting for a wristwatch with a leather strap offers you versatility. They are adaptable to any situation or occasion.

For women, this watch is a perfect addition to your wardrobe and collection. Women’s Luxury Leather Wrist Watch features a quartz movement made from high-quality materials. It has a minimalist dial available in black and white which you will surely love. This pretty watch has a gorgeous checkered leather strap of the well-celebrated black, cream, and red combination.

It is so elegant and can be worn daily and even for business meetings.


In this contemporary era, we are sincerely thankful that smartwatches were discovered and invented. They aid us in tracking our health and help us be in our best shape.

Since the past few years, many women-style smartwatches have gone onto the surface of the watchmaking industry and we can expect this trend will surely stay for a long time as it continues to upgrade.

Technology and fashion walk hand in hand now and smartwatches are not just for showing off a high-tech garment but are a practical and worthwhile purchase. From messages to email notifications, smartwatches have become more and more sophisticated.

For modern women, this Women’s Fitness Tracker SmartWatch is a must-have in your collection and wardrobe. It is so stylish and highly functional that you don’t need to change your watch from one event or activity to another. It has the perfect design which allows you to wear it at your office meetings, business events, and even for your yoga sessions, jogging, exercise regimen, and others.

It has a petite bracelet that is playful yet elegant. This fitness tracker will make you keep tabs on your health in so much style. Supportive features include a heart rate tracker and push messages.

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