10 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Watch

Whether you are an old or new watch collector, you have to know how to take good care of your watches to make sure that they will last for many years to come and even for a lifetime that you can pass on to the younger generation in your family. 

Taking proper care of a watch is not a difficult feat especially if you are connected to it on a personal level. 

The first thing to know is that our watches have enemies too such as dust, moisture, other tiny particles, shock, high temperature, and even UV radiation. 

Here are 10 fail-proof tips on how you can better take care of your valuable collection.

  • Always wipe your watch when you get home.
  • When you wear a watch to work or to your other daily affiliations, you can only expect grime and other unwanted particles to get to it throughout the day. Make sure that when you get home, you have your dedicated watch cloth ready to wipe it off clean.

    If you own a Luxury Sapphire Watch, your goal is to keep it shiny, fresh, and bright. Although it has a sophisticated surface and a tough exterior, your sapphire watch still needs tender love and care. 

  • Keep it clean but do not use soap.
  • Even the smallest particles and debris can make their way inside your watch. However, you should know exactly what to use to keep it clean. Top on the list that you should never use is soap and other stuff that could cause tarnishing. 

    A little water won’t hurt but just a very tiny amount. Wipe it off immediately with a microfiber cloth to polish your favorite Sports Wristwatch

    A stainless steel watch needs to be dusted and polished every now and then. Clean your watch gently.

  • Never underestimate professional cleaning service.
  • With all the do-it-yourself tutorial videos we can access online on how to clean your watch, it is still necessary to get a professional service especially if you are not reluctant and can’t do it well. Even if you think you can, you still need professional help to keep your timepieces in tip-top condition. Bring your most valued watches to them at least once a month.

  • Do not disassemble it by yourself. 
  • This is a no-brainer. Never open your wristwatch yourself. By doing so, you can expose the insides of your watch to dust and other particles that can cause serious damage to the timepiece. Instead, employ the service of a wristwatch maker if you want to change the battery. It is always better to take extra precautions and trust the experts.

  • Know the water-resistance of your watch and do not test it to the limits.
  • Make sure to know the limits of your watch and do not put it to the test or try to use it more than its true function, or else, you will go home with a broken watch.

    This Men’s Luxury Sports Leather Quartz watch is 3 bars or 30-meter water-resistant. It is splash-proof and waterproof. It is important that you know these kinds of details to ensure that you are not putting your watch in danger especially if you are wearing them during your outdoor adventures.

  • Store your watch properly.
  • If you are not wearing your watch, it is always best to keep it safe inside the box it came in. By not storing it properly, there is a huge possibility that the watch could get scratched. Make sure it is protected whenever you don’t use it.

  • Avoid exposing your watches to the sun for too long.
  • UV rays and high temperatures can cause tarnishing. Most stainless steel timepieces suffer from too much exposure to the sun. They lose their color and even shorten the battery life. Protect your watch from direct sunlight.

  • Take care of your leather straps.
  • If your watch has a leather strap, make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with water, perfume, grease, or other chemicals. Give your Luxury Quartz Chronograph the same care you would give your leather bag.

  • Wind with caution.
  • Do not overwind. Excessive winding can destroy a mechanical watch. It is also advisable not to wind it while it is on your wrist because it can create unwanted tension. For automatic watches like this Titanium Skeleton watch, you don’t need to wind that much because they are designed to self-wind.

  • Read your watch manual.
  • In Human Fashionable’s watch collection, aftercare and cleaning instruction manuals are included along with a complimentary polish cloth. Make sure to read them carefully because each watch is special and unique.

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