5 Tips for Buying a Preowned Watch

There is always something about the world of horology that is extremely fascinating and collecting timepieces that speak of their exquisite and impeccable engineering is a great way to appreciate its remarkable fusion of science and art.

A watch is a worthy investment whether it is for personal or financial reasons. You can buy a watch as a celebration of your achievements or acquire one or more to start a collection. For athletes, divers, businesspeople, and everyone in between, a high-quality wristwatch is a must-have.

If you are planning to start your watch collection but is on a budget, you can always go for pre-owned watches. It is true that the most brand-new iconic pieces out there have hefty price tags but there is always a way to get a hold of them without bleeding dry your pockets. 

The question is, is it really a good idea to buy a preowned watch? Yes, especially if you love classic designs and want to tap into the power of the fast-growing pre-owned sector in today’s watch market. Being a frugal and savvy buyer has its perks but finding a reliable seller is not quite an easy feat.

In this blog, we are going to share with you the things you need to consider when buying a preowned watch to make the most of your money and get the best deal.

Set your budget.

Whether you are buying a brand new watch or a preloved one, it is better to set a budget. You wouldn’t want to find yourself splurging your savings without the pause button. Budgeting will serve as your stop sign. Budgeting doesn’t mean you don’t have money. It only means that you truly know the value of something. Even for second-hand watches, you have to set the amount you are going to work around.

Treat very low prices with extreme caution.

After setting a budget, you have to narrow down your options. While low prices always catch our attention, in the watch market arena, this is usually a red flag. Imagine being offered a luxury vintage watch or a diver’s watch from the 1960s that only cost below $200. Would you instantly snap it? It is always better to be vigilant. Extremely low prices that are unreasonable can mean that the watch may be stolen, fake, damaged, or worse, do not even exist in their online shop.

Consider the watch winder.

Buying a second-hand watch comes with responsibilities too and one of them is maintenance. The older the watch is, the more maintenance and care are required. It is pretty much just like buying a second-hand car. These old watches have already endured a lot and now they are less robust (blame entropy).

Buy the seller, not the watch.

This famous line is known all over the watch forums. It means that purchasing a preowned item is about the trust you put in the seller. To ‘buy the seller’ means you have to do more research and inspection about the seller than the item.

Check the seller’s website if there is any, go to forums, and check what people are saying about him or her, or you can go over browsing their social media profiles for some investigation. Now that online presence can be easily tampered with and falsified, it is always better to be extra cautious than easily trusting.

Box and papers

If the original box and the papers are included, it is safe to say that the item and the seller can be trusted because these are the things that guarantee the watch’s authenticity. Check everything including the warranty card, certificate of authenticity, user manual, and other papers.

Make sure everything works.

Another red flag is when the seller doesn’t allow a refund, a return, or for you to inspect the item. Give it a good look over and try to turn the crown to see if it glides smoothly. Then, search for the serial number, and the serial number match. If you are not apt with it as a beginner, then you might want to call someone who is knowledgeable about timepieces to go with you to the shop. This will help eliminate the risk of you getting a counterfeit or irreparably broken watch.

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