6 Factors That Impact the Value of a Watch

Love Wearing Watches? Here’s What Impact Their Value

Ever wondered why some watches have steeper prices than others? It’s not rocket science, but several factors can impact the value of a watch. So whether you’re selling a classic timepiece or buying your new favorite watch, read on to know more about its value.

Brand and rarity

Rolex, Omega, and Breitling watches can maintain their value, no matter how old they are. That’s because they are prominent watch brands known for their quality and luxury. If you’ve inherited a Rolex or Omega, keep it in pristine condition, and you might sell it for a hefty price. Limited-edition models or those with rare features also tend to have higher values. So if you’re collecting watches, it’s good to own at least one Rolex or any limited-edition piece. 

Working condition

A brand won’t mean much if the watch isn’t in good working condition. Its value may drop if it has a damaged exterior or missing some components. When evaluating timepieces, assessors usually look at both physical and functional conditions. It’s not just about the scratches. Are all parts original? How many times was the watch serviced? These factors can play a role in specifying the condition and, eventually, the value of your watch.

But how about a functioning vintage watch with an apparent worn-down look? That could be an exception. Say you have a 50-year-old Rolex 1675 with a faded bezel but has an original working dial. That can still be more valuable than a newer watch with a better appearance. 


If there’s one thing that makes an old watch more valuable, it’s patina. When a watch ages naturally, the patina creates interesting color on a dial or any other part of the timepiece. Patina adds character to a watch, making it more attractive for collectors & enthusiasts. They tend to appreciate this unique appearance that only comes with age. Then again, the piece needs to be well-functioning before the patina can come into play in boosting its value. 

Celebrity association

Watches worn by iconic movie characters like James Bond are likely to have a higher value than other timepieces. If an actor or pop star was spotted wearing a certain make and model, that watch would likely increase its sale & resale value. That’s how powerful celebrity association is. So if you’ve been planning to buy a timepiece just because you’ve seen it on the wrist of one of the biggest pop stars today, go and do it. That’s a smart plan, after all. 


Do you still have the original box & paperwork that came with a watch you bought years before? You’re likely to boost its value. A complete set, including the warranty card and certification cards, can impact a watch’s resale price. And if you’ve just bought a watch, now you’re aware that you have to keep the box and all the paperwork in case you sell it in the future. Don’t throw the receipt or the warranty card—even after a year of owning the piece.

Then again, keep in mind that while completeness can boost a watch’s selling price, its brand, age, and working condition can still impact its valuation.

Current market value 

One of the key factors that impact the worth of your watch is the current market. Spend some time on auction or reseller sites to get an idea of how much your watch or similar models or brands are currently selling for. This is especially helpful if you have an antique watch on your hand. You’ll know its real value if you know how high the current demand is. Just make sure to consider the other mentioned factors to have a clearer picture of its value.

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