7 Important Aspects of Buying a New Watch

Buying a New Watch? Here’s What to Look For

Buying a new watch these days can be an overwhelming experience. You’ve got tons of options and features to choose from. Plus, modern timepieces have costs ranging from a few dollars to the price of a car. So which to buy? Which gives more value for your money?

So we’re here to help. Here are seven simple tips to guide you when buying a new watch.

Pick a style that suits your lifestyle.

Watches come in all shapes and sizes, but you can generally classify them into one of these styles: luxury, vintage, casual, or sport. The choice depends on how you want to wear the watch—more specifically, on which events you plan to wear this watch. 

Want a watch to wear to upscale events? Getting a luxury watch is a good move. A casual or vintage watch is your best bet if you want a timepiece suitable for both personal and business settings. Alternatively, purchase a sports watch if you are an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or outdoorsman. A quality sports watch has features and durability that suit your active lifestyle.

Consider the material.

The most common materials of a watch include gold, silver, titanium & plastic. You can also get plastic, canvas, or leather as a band or strap. Canvas and plastic watches don’t look luxurious, but they’re affordable and durable. On the other hand, steel watches look stylish and elegant, but gold, silver, and titanium watches often come with expensive price tags.

When it comes to a watch band, metal straps look elegant and are perfect for formal events. You can say the same for leather bands. Plus, leather is lightweight and adds a timeless look to any watch. So it’s also a good idea to buy one or two leather straps for your new watch.

Decide between analog and digital.

Many sports and smartwatches have a digital interface; they display the time in huge numbers as mobile phones do. On the other hand, analog watches are more old-fashioned, with their clock hands and digits or roman numerals on the interface. Most luxury and casual watches have analog interfaces to sustain a classic or comfortable look. Deciding between analog and digital primarily depends on your preference on how you want to see the time.

Explore the features.

When it comes to analog watches, you have a few features to consider, including whether the watch runs on a mechanical, automatic, or quartz movement. Some vintage analog timepieces have manual winding, while most modern watches come with automatic winding. 

Features matter more in digital watches. Most smart and sports watches feature a stopwatch, GPS, and multiple alarms. Don’t hesitate to explore the features before buying. You want a timepiece with features that best suit your needs and lifestyle. For instance, if you’re buying a sports watch to wear when camping, you’d want something with both GPS and a compass.

Pick a suitable watch size.

Typically, the watch size refers to the face or dial’s diameter in millimeters. For women, a standard watch size measures 26 to 34mm. Men have a wider option; the standard size ranges from 34 to 42 mm, and there are oversized watches that measure 45mm and above. When buying a new watch, make sure to pick a watch size that matches your wrist. If you’re buying online, be sure to measure your wrist before settling on a watch. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a watch that looks too big or small on your wrist. If you have thin or small wrists, select a dial size with a small diameter & height—and vice versa.

Don’t forget about the weight.

Some timepieces are lightweight, while others make you feel like you’re carrying a brick. Make sure to find a watch that feels comfortable and convenient to wear. When shopping for watches, don’t hesitate to try them on. Buying online? Read the product specs carefully. And if you find a stylish watch but want a lighter version, try to look for a similar model that comes with a leather strap instead of a metal band. 

Don’t dwell too much on branding.

If you’re buying a new watch to show off a bit at work, brand matters. Brands like Rolex, Seiko, and Omega have great reputations and are recognized for their quality & luxury. They’re a great purchase, especially if you want something to last and plan to pass it down to your children. But most of the time, you don’t have to dwell too much on branding.

Here at Human Fashionable, we believe everyone deserves a stylish and well-made watch without breaking the bank. Our collection includes watches from different brands that offer affordable pieces without compromising on quality, performance, and look. Browse through our shop today, and you will likely find a watch for your budget or to start your first collection.

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