How to Choose a Watch for Every Occasion

We are not living in a world filled with gadgets and we can find time displayed in almost all of them. However, nothing beats having a reliable watch on your wrist because let’s admit it, it wouldn’t take you long to get your phone from your pocket or bag and turn it on to see the time. All you have to do is to raise your arm and check the time. Works better every single time.

There will always be something special about strapping a watch on and seeing your ensemble complete. Watches also serve as an extension of your personality and it is not just a mere time-telling device, but also exude your passion for art and boost your level of confidence.

With all the watch designs and styles available in the market today, it is quite a feat to find the proper balance. Which one should I wear for a lunch date? Which one should I wear for gala nights? Which one should I wear for everyday use?

Just like our outfits, we need to make sure that our watches are appropriate for the occasion. The same principle goes for not wearing flip-flops to a formal event. 

We got you.

Here are surefire ways to choose the best watch for any occasion to make sure that you are appropriately dressed.

  1. Formal Occasions

The number one rule when it comes to formal occasions is to wear something elegant. For men, a black, minimalistic design would work pretty well. Most men choose dress watches that are simple yet sleek in style. 

For women, a dial with a thin case with neutral colors like white, brown, or black is an easy find. Silver and gold also work well.

A sophisticated, slim design is great for this type of event. Elegance is the word here. The watch must seamlessly bond with your outfit and not steal the show. 

Dress watches also work with any office attire and are a great choice for business meetings too.

  1. Casual Charm

So you got a text from your best friend that you’ll meet up for a lunch date this Saturday. The place mentioned seems like an awesome rendezvous for casual attire. What watch would you wear?

That’s a big question, but truth be told, it is not a hard feat. 

For casual charm, choose a watch that is sporty, versatile, and has everything that throws a dash of your personality on display. Stainless steel bracelets and leather can work just as fine as other laid-back designs.

Usually, the one you would love to wear on a daily basis is the casual watch. Make sure that it is something that will redefine your outfit in the most convenient manner and something that you are immensely comfortable wearing for long hours.

For men, laid-back and dapper are the terms. Chronograph watches with date displays can work well for casual occasions. You can effortlessly complement your casual attire for a day out or a simple dinner while fusing functionality and fashion together.

  1. Outdoor Adventures

You know it already. Adventure equates to the word “sports” (at least in the world of horology). Yes! Sports watches are perfect for this type of occasion. 

When you are required, or perhaps, truly want to, embark on an outdoor adventure or daring escapade, you need an adventure-ready watch to accompany you. It must be built to withstand the rigors of rugged environments, harsh outdoor elements, and other requisites of such expeditions. 

If you are into swimming, a diver’s watch is perfect. It can endure underwater conditions and depending on its meter bar, you can go deep. They are meant to be water-resistant and they are a perfect companion for your water adventures. Diver’s watches have luminous hands for legibility and provide reliable performance even in the depths of the ocean.

Field watches are also great, especially for those who love to trail uncharted territories. They are usually made with scratch-resistant crystals and luminescent markers too making them a reliable companion for outdoor activities.

Smartwatches can also be a good option, but if you are going for several days, their battery might be a problem. However, for short outdoor adventures, you can definitely rely on your smartwatch to track your steps, vital stats like heart rate and oxygen levels, and more!

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