How to Choose the Right Watch Dial Color that Suits You

With the vast selection of watches in today’s global market, it can be very tricky to find the best color that suits you. When it comes to choosing your wristwatch dial color, you have factors to consider. Why would dial color be a concern? Mainly because it has a tremendous impact on your overall ensemble and gives off a great impression as well. 

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a new buyer, it is essential that you know what choosing the right dial color can offer you.

Here are some sure-fire tips on how to choose the right watch dial color that suits you best.

#1 - What is your style?

The foremost question you must be asking yourself is, “What do I want?” What is your favorite color? If you can’t decide between blue or yellow, then might as well flip a coin and if you get disappointed with the result, you can go with the other option. If that won’t work for you, take a good look at your personal style. Stick to the color that you believe best displays your character. 

Remember that your accessories, garments, and other belongings also speak of your unique personality. Your wristwatch is one of them. 

#2 - If all else fails, go for black.

For those who are quite unsure if colored dials will work, always go with black. Nothing can go wrong with black. It remains classic, timeless, and elegant no matter what the trend says. It is not only stylish but is also very versatile and can be worn with casual or formal ensembles. This color goes with everything. It speaks of power, formality, and practicality. 

#3 - Consider your outfit.

Are you going to use it for business meetings, a fancy gala, or recreational activities? A green dial on a reddish dress or coat might make you look like a Christmas character. A yellow dial matched with a formal maroon-colored dress is obviously a painful thing to look at. 

For formal events, black is still on top of the list, but you can also choose silver, medium grey, or dark blue. Blue speaks of trust, confidence, and intelligence.

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