Inside the Mind of a Watch Collector: Building a Luxury Watch Collection

We are all aware of the immense value of a luxury watch and we know for sure that there is more to it than just telling us the time or providing us with a great investment. Building a collection of it is another level that not many can truly understand. There are watch lovers out there that do not want to be tied up to labels and brands or resisted being called a “collector” but an “enthusiast”.

To each his own, right? We totally get it because buying a watch is a personal journey. These exclusive timepieces are associated with prestigious brands that have a long history in the world of horology and fashion or sports. Not to mention the level of artistry and craftsmanship poured into each and every detail. 

Collection means accumulation and many define it negatively like it is some sort of a disease or a horrible affliction, but every watch collector see luxury watches as art worthy to be curated or put in a gallery - thus, creating their personal collection. 

While some people are quite leaning toward the misunderstood parts of collecting luxury timepieces, it is better if you equip yourself with knowledge about the perspective of collectors and avoid giving out prejudiced and insubstantial opinions on their collecting journey.

In this blog, we are going to dive deeper into the minds of watch collectors. Perhaps, after reading this, you will have a profound appreciation for luxury watches like you never did before.

So, what are the things that collectors love about collecting luxury timepieces and why do they devote so much time, attention, and resources to this desire?

More than acquisition, it is a pursuit of knowledge.

Here’s the thing about buying a luxury watch - it is never simple. It requires so much from you and you need to have a deep understanding of how the world of horology works. Alongside this knowledge is the unparalleled feeling of satisfaction from continuous learning and self-discovery. 

More than owning a luxury watch, every beginner collector would tell you that their acquisition stemmed from the fact that they have done their research before considering the purchase and that is how they incessantly learn. The accumulation of knowledge gives them an extra edge and further advantage when it comes to collecting.

You cannot be a collector without a profound knowledge of how watches work, how to analyze the market, what the technical jargons mean, or what different watches are there and what makes each of them special.

Every collector once delved deep into the horological rabbit hole (in a good way) which allowed them to cherish each and every piece because of their knowledge of the field.

Establishing kinship

For those who have a real passion for the watchmaking industry and couldn’t get enough of the beauty and complexities of luxury watches, they get to a momentum where their knowledge turns into a desire to own not just one but several amazing pieces that suit their personal style and stories. 

Alongside this journey is kinship. Once they start collecting, they will automatically be subsumed into the society of watch collectors. Shared experiences and memories associated with watches create a strong connection and this is what most collectors love about collecting luxury timepieces. 

Knowing that there are other people with the same passion and appreciation for horology creates a white bubble of safe space.

Art expression

If you ask every luxury watch collector, they will tell you how much they see luxury watches as a unique expression of themselves, of their creativity, of the creator’s craftsmanship, and the remarkable engineering excellence infused in each and every detail. 

They collect luxury watches because they appreciate their artistic and aesthetic appeal. From the fine finishes to the color and style that make each piece distinct and distinguished, they consider collecting as a pursuit of art. Admiration for the heritage and legacy of these watches is part of their artistic journey

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