Top Tips to Make Your Watch Live Longer

A wristwatch is more than just a time-telling piece. It is a memento, a symbol of a memory, an accessory that depicts our personalities, and a piece of instrument that pays homage to the wonderful world of horology and classical engineering.

Buyers, collectors, aficionados, and everyone in between know exactly how valuable timepieces are. They make great heirlooms with rich and precious stories to tell. 

If you own a mechanical watch, luxury edition or not, you don’t have to be an expert to make sure that your watch stays in perfect working condition for a long period of time. For watch connoisseurs, they take extra measures to look after their prized possessions.

However, the logic here is extremely simple. The better your timepiece is cared for, the longer it will last. Ergo, we have listed down the top care tips so you can ensure that your favorite and loved watches could last longer, if not a lifetime.

Wearing Your Watch

  • Wear them on a regular basis. Many people would say that wearing it, for the most part, stresses the watch. But contrary to popular belief, wearing it on a regular basis helps with keeping the gears moving which in turn keeps the watch working.
  • Avoid magnets. They can have a really negative effect on the movement of your watch and can mess up with its time-keeping abilities.  
  • Do not wear leather bands too tight because it can cause a crease on the bracelet and suffer from tearing in the long run. The best way to keep your watch bands in great shape is to allow for an alternative bracelet option for particular occasions.
  • Know its resistance. Do not test the limit of your watch. As a wearer, you have to know the water-resistance level of your timepiece and do not go beyond. 
  • Avoid extended exposure to sunlight and other chemicals. Sunlight can fade the color of your watch and can shorten the battery life especially if you are using a quartz watch.
  • Use your watch accordingly. You have to make sure that you are using the right watch for the right occasion. If you are off to a corporate meeting or office work that does not require too much sun exposure, you can use this Multifunction Chronograph Luxury Business Watch to accompany you. But, if you are off to an outdoor adventure, use this Luxury Luminous Sport Watch with a lightweight mesh strap.
  • Ensure that your straps are not loose or too worn. Ask for assistance and help from your trusted watch service center.
  • Do not put on lotion, perfume, or any beauty products while you are wearing the watch. It is best to wear it last before going outside of the house when you are done dressing up, doing your makeup, and doing other vanity needs.

Storing Your Watch

While timepieces are sturdy, improper storage can also greatly affect them.

  • Never place your watch on the side of the crystal because it may lead to scratches.
  • When you get home, store it in its specific watch box in a dry place.
  • Some people wear them, but some collectors just opt to keep them. Either way, you should make sure that you do not store your collections all together in one place. Make sure that they are safe and sound in separate boxes.

Maintaining Your Watch

  • Clean your watch well. There are many elements outside that could reach the delicate insides of your timepiece. To avoid any internal damage, regularly dust off your watch with a clean and soft cloth.
  • Never leave the crown pulled out after adjusting because particles can enter your watch.
  • Never open it by yourself. Always let a professional handle it.
  • Let your watch get serviced every once in a while to ensure that everything is well. 
  • For collectors who infrequently wear their watches, it is important to wind and run them at least once a month to keep the movement’s parts lubricated.
  • Do not attempt to replace your battery by yourself or take it to an unauthorized jeweler. Always go to your brand’s watch service center.

Your watches deserve to be properly respected and cared for. They are among your most prized possessions and needless to say, you worked hard for them. Do these valuable care tips to ensure that your favorite and loved watches will stand the test of time.

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