Watch Care Tips to Keep Your Watch In Good Condition

Having a watch collection comes with great responsibility - yes, we’re talking about caring for your timepieces. Some people buy a watch to commemorate their achievement at work or school, some purchase one as a gift for themselves or for the special people in their lives, while some collect them just because. 

Whatever the reason is, your watch needs proper care not just for aesthetic purposes but also for functionality.

We all want our precious watches to be in great condition at all times, however, for other collectors with busy day-to-day schedules, allocating time to clean and maintain their watches can be very tricky and difficult. 

If you want to make sure that your watch collection is in good condition, start by thinking about the value of your watch. Do you want that piece to remain faithful to you for many years to come? Then, you have to do your part too.

Clean your watch every now and then.

Our watches, especially if we are wearing them more often, are susceptible to tiny particles and external elements that can penetrate their inside gears which can obviously affect the operational capacity of the timepiece. If you want to prevent dust, dirt, or other particles from entering and damaging your watch, always make sure that you wipe your watch after a long day. You can use a clean soft cloth to remove layers of dirt or grime. Microfiber cloth or paper towel is recommended.

Polish your stainless steel watch

For your stainless steel watch, you have to make sure that the hard metal is always looking fresh and bright. In order to keep the look and function of your watch, maintain its polished shine and prevent damage as well to the bits inside.

You might have already experienced your stainless steel watch looking duller and duller as time goes by. This is a sign of neglect when it comes to polishing your steel. When it begins to look dull, the next serious thing that can happen to your watch is corrosion and that is something you would not want to happen, especially to your luxury watches.

Read the manual.

Before anything else, make sure to follow what the manual of your watch says about its proper care. The manual is filled with extremely important information about your timepiece. These details include recommended service schedule, how to safely clean the watch, how to properly set it up, and proper ways to store it. 

You can find all the answers to your questions about your watch in the manual, so familiarizing yourself with it is a plus. 

Regular servicing.

As mentioned regarding your need to familiarize the manual, it will tell you when is the best time to get a service. Getting regular service is highly necessary to keep your watch in great condition.

Hundreds of parts that allow your watch to operate can wear down over time. Thus, affecting the overall functionality. Just like a car, you need maintenance and regular oil change. Servicing your watch is exactly the same.

Depending on your watch brand, you can get it professionally serviced every 5 to 10 years to achieve optimal performance. Most owners do not neglect their luxury watches in terms of regular servicing so they can keep their timepieces forever and even pass them down to the next generation.

Avoid DIY repairs

One of the things many new watch buyers usually do is do DIY repairs. This is never a good idea. Even if you deem that your watch just needs a simple fix like replacing the quartz battery, doing it yourself can cause serious damage to some parts of your watch. Without proper skills and tools, attempting to open your timepiece is already detrimental and scarring to its overall functionality. 

Avoid chemicals and magnets.

Magnets can affect the accuracy of your watch so it is best to avoid them at all costs. Even other electronics can be interfered with and damaged by magnetic components. Furthermore, you also have to minimize the exposure of your watch to chemicals such as beauty products, perfume, lotion, and other stuff. 

Do not leave your watch in places that are exposed to chemicals because it can accelerate your watch’s deterioration. A great tip while dressing up is to put on your watch when you are all done. Do not do your make-up with your watch on. Do not spray perfume or cologne while you are wearing it. Also, avoid using too much lotion on your wrist where you are placing the watch because it may affect your stainless steel bracelet as well.

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